Fragments of an identity

Standing against the wall,

pushed only by myself,

slightly disoriented, while

keeping a naked eye on my existence.

The mind’s eye open,

restraining myself from expression,

detached in utter presence,

observation is imminent.

The light, the light ahead

and also from behind,

unveils the body in a cave,

paleolithic yet modern,

fundamental yet accidental.

…………. sea and sand…..

Sea and sand, blessed to stand

with my head firmly in the ground.

The privelige to tell real from unreal

must be claimed, much like cherries

sparkling humid in the burning sun,

just within reach, by the grace of the hand

of …… someone.


challenging us

from somewhere,

a strange and

unknown territory

upon which we

rely. By capturing

and controlling

we are bound to lose it,

only by giving in may

we enter its realm,

the realm of solitude.

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